Summer Reading List: Paul Galdone

My most beloved children’s books are those that invite you to explore their pages over and over. Such is the manner of acclaimed children’s book author and illustrator Paul Galdone.

A prolific artist, Galdone published over 300 titles – the best of which are his retelling of well-known fairy tales. Galdone’s witty versions of The Three BearsThe Little Red HenThe Three Billy Goats Gruff, – republished by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt as the series “Folk Tale Classics” - are must-have’s for any children’s library.

Last year, the twins’ grandparents gifted them with Galdone’s The Three Little Pigs and Three Little Kittens – two titles that showcase the artist’s dry humor hidden in his illustrations.

Small details like the minced catnip in Mrs. Kitten’s kitchen make me chuckle each time we read the book.

I first introduced the boys to Mr. Galdone with my childhood favorite: Henny Penny.  We have as much fun reading Henny Penny out loud as we do pouring over the drawings together, which are also a homage to the author’s love for nature.

Each page crawls with leaves and flowers and curious little caterpillars.  And although Galdone’s charming embellishments might be lost on my preschool boys, they are details I know the twins will enjoy discovering as they grow older. And in the meantime, they make for one happy mama.

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 ”From that day to this Turkey Lurkey, Goosey Loosey, Ducky Lucky, Cocky Locky, and Henny Penny have never been seen again. And the King has never been told that the sky is falling. Foxy Loxy and Mrs. Foxy Loxy and their seven little foxes still remember the fine feast they had that day.” 

Henny Penny, Paul Galdone, 1968

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