Freedom sustained

There’s a path near our home full of all sorts of lovely surprises, the best of which is a small stream tucked away behind lush foliage and a stalwart wooden bridge.

We love to wander the trail taking time to spot treasures that can easily remain shrouded by leaves and grass.

After one of our recent walks, we returned home to survey our memories of the day and I found this little gem.

If I’m not careful, I can easily (and very often) end up with a picture of my feet in my photo stream. (And the only reason I’m showing you this one is because I actually painted my toenails this weekend.) But in reflecting on our afternoon hike, I was reminded of Ps. 119:45 which says:  “I will walk about in freedom, for I have sought out your precepts.”

Despite a clearly marked path. Despite the familiar nature of the trail. Despite the small treasures God places before us, we can easily make the same mistakes if we are not careful. Yet, the path God has marked out for us is a path of freedom.    

So, how do we walk in freedom? The Psalmist says we walk in freedom when we walk in God’s Word, or precepts. It is only when we live a life saturated with God’s Word that we will enjoy a walk unencumbered by sin.

Some people mistakenly believe the Bible merely to be bunch of rules. And if we view God’s Word as such, it certainly will enslave us. But freedom is not simply the ability to do whatever we want to do; true freedom is the ability to do what God wants us to do.[1]

When we walk in God’s Word, our hearts are brought into line with the very heart of God.

We catch glimpses of freedom every time we listen to His voice in His Word. Just like a glimmer of light sparkling from between a shrouded path, we can see small glimpses of liberty each time we allow the Scriptures to inform our hurts, our fears, our goals, and our beliefs about ourselves and, especially, Him.

But freedom gained is not necessarily freedom sustained. Just like those pictures of my feet that keep turning up in my photo stream, I must be diligent to keep my feet firmly grounded on the right path. Each time I begin to look downward or inward for any source of personal strength, I can easily (and very often) find that I’ve once again become enslaved to my old self and old desires.

Ps. 119:45 tells us: You have been created for more than that. You have been created to walk free.

“You broke my chains of sin and shame and you covered me with grace.

You mend my life with your holy fire. 

You cover me with grace.

You are the hand that reaches out to save.

I am set free. It is for freedom that I am set free.”


[1] Phillips, J.B. Exploring the Psalms. (Neptune, New Jersey: Loizeaux Brothers, 1988), 303.

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